1949 Chevy Truck - Green Line Apothecary - Lineage Corporation

Like the truck above, take the idea out of the woods of your imagination. Creative vision and obsessive attention-to-detail make for great design. It all starts there.

Services include: concept development, design consultation, planning and budgeting

Building & Construction - Lineage Corporation

Vision is one thing - execution is yet another. Call upon the knowledge, construction expertise and resources required to bring the vision to life.

Services include: commercial & residential construction, general contracting

Marketing Communications - Lineage Corporation

Marketing begins long before the first social media post or ad placement. Design and construction choices determine the story to be told. Then, it is time to tell the story. 

Services include: advertising, brand management, public relations, social media, web design





Lineage is the in-house design, build and communications agency for the Green Line Apothecary family of brands. Like family ancestry, a brand's lineage runs deep. Whether the goal is to inhabit, sell, lease, or do business in a space - effectively telling a brand's story starts with thoughtful design choices, continues with skillful implementation, and delivers with smart marketing decisions. 

Many are qualified to manage each of these steps individually. A consistent vision applied throughout the journey though is what can set a brand apart.

Led by company founder and principal Ken Procaccianti, Lineage Corporation's unique skill set is available for partnerships.


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